Adopting a Dachshund?

Interested in Adopting a Dachshund?

Miniature Dachshund

Thanks for your interest in rehoming one of our rescued dachshunds, it’s thanks to people like you that we’re able to successfully rehome hundreds of Dachshunds every year. 

To help with your application, we’d, first of all, like to make you aware of some of the things you’ll need to consider before deciding that rehoming a rescued Dachshund is right for you and your family. 

Here at Dachshund Rescue, we have no pre-set rules on the type of homes suitable for our dogs, however, there are some key things that you’ll need to understand.

Dachshunds come into our care for many different reasons, for example;

·       Divorce

·       Bereavement

·       Illness

·       A change in family circumstances

·       Behavioural issues

are common situations that can lead to the need for a dog to be rehomed.

Many of the dachshunds that come into our care can at times display challenging behaviours. Often they can be traumatised, anxious, and very insecure. As an adopter, you will need to be prepared to work on rehabilitating the dog, along with our support of course. 

Separation Anxiety is also very common, meaning that they cannot be left alone for long periods or they may become destructive. They need someone who can be around most of the time and can spend time working on their anxiety.

We do allow dogs to be adopted by homes with children of all ages, as long as the dog is comfortable living in a family environment. 

As Dachshunds are notoriously difficult to toilet train, they do need a garden. The garden must be secure and not a communal one. 

Cats and Other Pets.
As we don’t have the facilities to cat test, we can only rehome a Dachshund with a cat if it has previously lived with one. Your cat may be fine around dogs but the Dachshund will not be good around your cat. The same is true for other types of pets.

One other thing you will need that we haven’t mentioned as yet is Patience. Although we do rehome hundreds of Dachshunds every year, as you’ll imagine, there are more potential adopters than there are dogs available. It can happen, though it would be unusual that a suitable dog for you would become available quickly. So you’ll need to be prepared to wait.

Still interested? Great!

If you’re not sure and have questions, please contact our coordinator for your area. You’ll find all of their contact details on our Contacts page. 

If you’re happy that a rescued Dachshund is right for you, go ahead and complete the application form below.

Your details will be passed directly to our coordinator for your area who will contact you when and if a dog becomes available who might be a good fit for your home/family/lifestyle. We will keep your application on file for 12 months.