A Dog with a Criminal Record

Adopting a Dachshund can be a rewarding experience.

Today we are sharing Alfie’s Story……. from the point of view of his new owner. 

The Police kennels had asked Dachshund Rescue about the possibility of finding a new home for him.

Alfie had been put into the kennels over a biting incident and he had been there for nearly a year. 

​I first heard from Dachshund Rescue back in September 2021 about a 3-year-old male Dachshund called Alfie. 

Little was known about him, but the police told Dachshund Rescue that in his time with them there’d been no biting. They said in fact that he was a sweet boy. 

Dachshund Rescue UK

Luckily, Dachshund Rescue was there to help. 

​I was told he was a very large Standard and I could instantly see this when I saw the photos of him. 

Alongside this, we noted he was very food orientated and he loved to spend time with humans.

Taking on a dog who’d been known to bite was a bit of a worry. However, we soon discovered his kind nature and our worries were over.

Within 3 weeks I had picked him up and took him home to start his new life with us.

Now, 4.5 months later (at the time of writing), Alfie has settled down nicely. 

He is comfortable enough that he wags his tail and barks when in a deep sleep.

He’s starting training classes in the hope to help him gain a few doggy friends.

We’re hoping to improve his recall too so that he can be let off the lead.

Currently, he is quite headstrong, so most of the time he ignores us calling him.

He’s had plenty of adventures including beach and wood walks enjoying walks around the local towns and villages too.

A family holiday in the near future will bring opportunities for further walks.

So far, he’s managed to bite through 2 leads and a harness within minutes, so these are firmly tucked away now! 

His cheeky side is starting to come out and he’s gained enough confidence to start playing (aka, tearing his toys to shreds).

With the help of my family, we are still working through a few problems.

I know that there is no quick fix., but now I can’t imagine life without him.

Adopting a Dachshund
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Rehoming My Dachshund

Having to rehome my dachshund -Val’s Story

I had to give my Dachshund up 5 years ago. Having to rehome my dachshund was always going to be tough.

Due to the horrendous situation I was in, I had little choice.

I’d had dogs all my life and have never ever had to give one up before.

So I knew that rehoming my dachshund was going to be tough.

Taking the steps to initiate the process was one of the hardest decisions I’d ever made.

I contacted Dachshund rescue and they were lovely.

I knew I that couldn’t keep him, but he had to go to the right home before I could let him go.

They phoned to say they had a lady who would like him and so we arranged to meet

A miniature Dachshund Laying on the grass
A miniature dachshund enjoys the snow

We were so lucky as she turned out to be perfect.

She lived on her own and was retired and lived in a lovely area with trees and parks.

As soon as we met, I knew that my boy would be happy.

I keep in touch and ring or visit every year to check that all is well. He’s the most loved and spoilt Dachshund going.

We realise how lucky we were that it turned out so well and I will always be grateful that he’s loved and happy.

Hopefully, I will never have to be involved in rehoming my dachshund again.

However careful and considered your actions are, putting a little soul who you love and who has always given you unconditional love, into an unknown situation is just awful.

Even though it had a happy ending I found it hard to really forgive yourself.

Thank goodness for organisations like Dachshund Rescue they are brilliant and I would highly recommend them.

Dachshund Rescue UK

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