Dachshund Rescue UK Sponsorship of Queens Veterinary School Hospital, University of Cambridge

Dachshund Rescue UK is delighted to announce two major collaborations with the veterinary neurology service at the QVSH, University of Cambridge. We are fully funding a three-year training position for a veterinary neurologist (senior clinical training scholarship or residency), which began in July 2021. The position was advertised and received many high-quality applicants. Eventually, the team decided on Bruno Scalia (pictured below). Bruno is an Italian veterinary surgeon who came to the UK in order to try to fulfill his ambition to become a neurologist. He visited QVSH Cambridge prior to the pandemic and made a very good impression. He has completed a neurology internship in a busy private referral hospital which gave him valuable experience, and he has already managed to author a publication in a leading veterinary journal. The team is confident he will be an outstanding neurologist, and during his residency, he will be conducting a study that aims to find evidence for a surgical treatment that might reduce the frequency of recurrences of ‘disc disease’ in our breed as well as others. Our second project is the full funding of a one-year research project or Masters, leading to an MPhil degree for the successful candidate. This position was advertised last year, and following a very long process of application, interview, fulfillment of many special conditions set by the University, and finally the granting of a full student visa. The successful candidate is a veterinary surgeon from Colombia called Viviana Rojas (pictured here). This is a potentially life-changing opportunity for Viviana, who will begin her research in October 2021. She will be working as part of Paul Freeman’s research group looking at various aspects of intervertebral disc disease. Already this group at QVSH has made some exciting advances in the understanding of this disease, and we are hopeful that Viviana’s work will further add to the knowledge base, and could lead to novel treatments or preventative measures in the future. We are extremely excited about these collaborations, and are looking forward very much to further developing our relationship with the team at QVSH Cambridge for the benefit of our breed in particular but also of course for the welfare of all breeds which suffer from neurological disease.

Viviana Rojas QVSH
Bruno Scalia of QVSH