Become a Dachshund Foster Home

Could you provide a temporary, safe, secure, and loving dachshund foster home for a rescued dog?

At Dachshund Rescue UK, we successfully re-home hundreds of Dachshunds every year, following a process that carefully matches the needs of the dog with its new home and owner.

We aim to adopt the dachshund and place it straight into its new forever home where it can be loved and cared for, for the rest of its life.

Occasionally, circumstances mean that the dog needs to be adopted and rehomed quickly, or sometimes a dog may need to be rehomed temporarily while a situation is resolved.

In this instance, we place the dog into the care of a dachshund foster home. These are homes run by our team of fostering volunteers, who provide a place for us to accommodate those dogs that need a temporary place to be cared for.

Could you be the next to join our Fostering Team?

As we rehome dogs across the UK, we’re always looking to increase the number of dachshund foster homes available to us. If you think you can help, read on to find out more of what’s required and, if it is for you, how you can apply.

  • You will need some experience.
    • You will need to be an experienced dog owner, ideally with knowledge and a history of caring for dachshunds. If you’re not too familiar with the breed, check out the About the Breed section on the website, or discover even more at Dachshund Health UK.