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3 days, 3 weeks, 3months

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The rule of 3. These are the recognised stepping points and guidelines which are there to help the owner of a rescue dog understand how their new arrival is settling into their home. They are there to help us understand that a rescue dog will need time and patience and that the new owner is aware that wonderful relationships do not always happen overnight!!!!

Different dogs will respond differently to the new situation and environment they have seen placed in, but the following information gives strong indications as to the progress and behaviour you might expect……

In the first 3 days the new environment may be completely overwhelming!!! They may be scared and unsure. Not eating and hiding away in a quiet place may be their way of showing their stress or constant pacing about the home 😔It is important not to panic and allow them the time and space to settle and decompress. As their reaction to you at this point may be unpredictable it is advisable to wait for them to approach you when they are ready!!

After 3 weeks they should be settling down and more comfortable. This can be the most difficult time!!! Their true personalities may start to emerge alongside some issues with behaviour!!😱 They may start to test the boundaries and must be taught what is acceptable. It is so important to the successful future of the rehome that your dachshund recognises you are the one setting the rules!!! Time for discipline and clear messages!!!!!😯 Always let them know the love is there too💙

3 months into the process your new addition should be feeling settled and comfortable. They may well be forming a bond of trust with you and gaining a sense of security within the family. They may well have a routine that encourages their confidence and better behaviour. Hopefully, from here the relationships will continue to strengthen and deepen until you wonder how you ever survived without this precious dachshund in your life😄💙

Remember these are only indications as to how a rescue dog may respond and develop. The message behind the advice however is absolute….

Please give time and don’t think overnight success is inevitable. Be patient and expect some difficult times!!! With perseverance, the results can be incredibly rewarding💙💙💙

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Terrible and Traumatic Treatment:

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

When a coordinator receives a call about a dachshund “screaming and howling” and needing a new home alarm bells start ringing!! Not excessive barking but “screaming and howling”😔

Further discreet investigation suggested this particular three-and-a-half-year-old had recently undergone surgery, but firstly we need to tell you some of this little dachshund’s background.

We believe she had been imported from Eastern Europe. She had already undergone the incredibly painful procedure of having a number tattooed very close to her mammary gland and you can only imagine how horrendous this must have been for her😞 She had also been used for breeding despite her previous owner denying all knowledge that this had ever been the case!!!

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

A year ago she was advertised on a website and purchased by her current owner. At this point, we would recommend avoiding such websites where owners are under no obligation to declare behavioural and medical issues so you have no idea what you could be letting yourself in for!!!!

You would hope this dachshund would now be in a safe environment but her story becomes even more heart-breaking💔

She had fallen pregnant after an “accidental” encounter with a neighbour’s dog and no one knew until she went into labour. She needed a caesarean procedure and sadly lost her puppy. This is where the story becomes even more traumatic and disturbing.

We contacted the vets we were informed had performed the surgery and they had no record whatsoever of having treated her!! This was incredibly worrying.

We knew we needed to be very careful as we wanted to get this dachshund to a place of safety and make sure we didn’t lose her by asking too many questions at this point.

Our fears were reinforced upon collection. Our coordinator met with the owner on neutral ground and she would not disclose her address!!! She left our coordinator to go and collect the dog’s medication and wouldn’t allow her to go with her!! The medication she was on was in unmarked wrapping and in an envelope with handwritten instructions. Not usual veterinary practice!!😕 Clearly this raised some difficult and very worrying questions!!!

Where had this dachshund had her surgery? What had happened to her puppy during the procedure? What were the “painkillers she was taking? What horrific trauma had she been through emotionally and physically?

The reasons for her “screaming and howling” were becoming very clear. This poor little girl was in serious pain and mourning the loss of her puppy. The harrowing treatment and suffering were too much to bear and too upsetting to think about.

She is now safely in the hands of very experienced fosterers who will give her all the love and care she needs. She is now on the right medication and antibiotics to ease her pain and to reduce her heavily distorted teats which are full of milk and extremely swollen and painful.

One of our coordinators went to see how things were, and when asked could only say that this beautiful dachshund was just looking “sad” which you can see in her eyes in the picture😔

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

We make no apologies for sharing this troubling story with you. It is extremely concerning that medical procedures may be taking place in places without the necessary care that should prevail and we believe it is something animal lovers need to be aware of!!!

We were able to rescue this wonderful dachshund who, in spite of all the horrendous treatment she has received, has shown the sweetest temperament and settled down into her new safe environment.

It is through your help we can turn sad stories into happier endings and we continue to need your support. Please donate and enable to allow us to continue helping dachshunds who desperately require our help.

Thank you so much. Everything you send goes directly towards the welfare of our dachshunds💙

A Day At The Seaside

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“Oh I do like to be beside the seaside……..”

As (hopefully!!!) the weather continues to improve many of us like to hit the beach and take along our lovely dachshunds to enjoy some fun by the sea. Can’t think of a lovelier activity than watching a little dachshund frolicking in the sand and maybe having a paddle in the sea.

There are a few dangers, however, that we need to be aware of. Hope these points are useful:

1. Sand impaction is a major risk! This is caused by your dog eating too much sand which compresses to form a blockage in the intestine. This can happen from something as simple as playing with a ball or or toy which has gathered sand on it’s surface to playfully digging or licking up someone’s left behind picnic or ice cream!!!!! Sand, as we know, gets everywhere!!

2. Swimming in the sea. Just like us dachshunds will respond differently to going into the sea. They are capable of swimming and their elongated bodies can help them to float but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will enjoy the challenge of a dip!!! Make sure they don’t get out of their depth and be aware of strong currents and tides.

3. Make sure the sea is calm. Waves can be a great danger!!!

4. Salt poisoning. Always have fresh water available to help prevent your dachshund drinking sea water which can cause sickness. Also, if possible, rinse any sea water off when you leave the beach to avoid salt being ingested through licking. This can help prevent possible sores and skin irritations too.

5. Eating seaweed. Like sand this can cause blockages in the intestine especially if dry seaweed

6. Jellyfish. As we all know they have a very nasty sting and your dachshund should be deterred from investigating any that have been washed onto the beach or swimming by the shoreline!!!

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

7. Temperatures. Don’t be fooled by cool sea breezes!!! Remember how delicate your dachshunds paws are and how hot the sand can get!!! Please avoid the hottest times of the day too!!

8. Foreign objects in the sand. As we know, sadly, after a busy day on the beach lots of tempting treats may have been discarded and we all know how a dachshund loves a scent and a chance to consume apparent treats!!!

9. Overexertion (not that this would ever be a problem for my pair!!!!) Keep an eye on your dachshund and watch they don’t overdo it in all the excitement. Hot days can of course cause exhaustion very quickly.

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

This sounds a lot but we want everyone and their precious dachshunds to enjoy our wonderful beaches and to have a fantastic and safe time “beside the seaside, beside the sea”

Any advice you can offer too from your personal experiences would be great…..?

Please feel free to share photos of your dachshunds having fun at the beach to help get us all in the mood for some happy excursions to the seaside🧡🧡

Phoebe’s Story

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

Time and patience is the message we would like to put across in this story. Not every rescue dachshund settles immediately and many will never overcome some of their issues. Success can result from MANAGING the problem and avoiding situations that allow the problems to arise. It is definitely not easy and takes time.

Phoebe came to Dachshund Rescue after her owner had sadly died and neighbours were unable to keep her as she was attacking their cat. Phoebe was rehomed but things did not work out!!! She was returned to our coordinator who decided to see how Phoebe would settle into her home.

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

Sue takes up the story……

“Phoebe being an older girl, coming up 10 , had got used to carers coming in and out of her owner’s home, and as long as they left her alone she was ok. She did nip the doctor on his ankle, however!!! She was quite possessive and a bit set in her ways.

I found her a home with an older lady who lived on her own and was looking for a companion.

On handing Phoebe over it was obvious that she was quite a grumpy dachshund!!! She was not relating well to her new environment, but understandably so after all the upheaval. She was very wary of you touching her, but she had a wonderful rapport with the new owner’s family, especially the young granddaughter. I felt in time the new adopter would have the same relationship.

Phoebe’s first night in her new home was rather noisy, but we were made aware of this. She has a howl on her like a wolf!

Speaking to her new adopter the next day, she was having difficulty getting Phoebe’s harness on. She would not go outside and was very unhappy.

We decided to put a slip lead on her. This enabled her to be taken out, but being a stubborn girl she would only go when she wanted to!!!

This went on a few days. Unfortunately, the new adopter could not trust her. One moment she was ok having a fuss, but another time she would snarl and want to be left alone!!! She felt Phoebe was not for her.

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

With Phoebe being an older girl and the traumatic time she had been through, I brought her home with me to see how she would settle with my 9 dachshunds and to get some idea of how we could move forward.

I have to say I was greatly surprised!!! We all know the famous quote from royal quarters “There were 3 people in this marriage” Well this is how things went for me!!! Yes, that is what I now have as my husband fell into a new wonderful relationship, but happily not with another female lady but dear Phoebe!!

She fell for him!! He calls her Phoebe Whiskers and feels they have something in common. Hubby has a beard too !! He can put her collar and lead on with no issue. She follows him out into the gardenand plays with him. She sits with him in the office.  If he goes upstairs we get a howl!!! When he goes out her whole world falls apart, but the joy on her face when he comes back is certainly worth something!

As for me a totally different story!! She will not let me put her collar on She will not go out in the garden with me. She will grumble if I speak to her sometimes. She does not rush to greet me like all the others dachshunds either. She has rejected my charm!!!

She does come for a walk with the others now and is beginning to enjoy this. She likes to have a good sniff and roll in anything smelly!! (no surprises there!!)

She has been here about 5 weeks now. She will let me lift her into the car, but I have to be careful. If it is not quite right then I will get a growl and nip.  If hubby tells her to go in the garden she will now allow me to take her out, but only if she feels like it.

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

She is an adorable dog. She is very funny. She loves to play with a ball, does not really interact with the others which is a shame. BUT she will definitely be staying as I could not uproot her again.

I believe that if it had just been me here she would have eventually formed the bond with me that she has with hubby. However, as long as she is comfortable around us that is all that matters.

It is early days and she has had a whole 10 years of being with the same person. Suddenly, her life has changed so radically and we need to support her.

How would we feel in similar circumstances? I don’t think we would adjust within a few weeks and we would expect friends and family to help us through with kindness and support.

Phoebe will always have certain issues but we work around them and we would not be without her.

Time and patience!!”

Dachshunds In Crisis Part 2

Dachshund Rescue In Crisis

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

Help a Dachshund in Crisis

Following on from last week’s post our team would like to make an urgent appeal to our lovely dedicated followers;

We are literally on our knees. We are struggling to help. We can’t help all of the Dachshunds that come our way😔

We are struggling to support all of the Dachshunds surrendered to us with special medical issues because their owners cannot afford expensive referrals or even routine veterinary treatments😔

We, as a team of volunteers, are emotionally exhausted. We all have jobs, husbands, and families, plus our own sausages, to look after. Still, our rescue phones do not stop ringing. The emails keep coming. It is constant. It is, at present, a full-time commitment. Sadly, this has had a direct effect on the well-being of some of our coordinators.

We are all personally affected by the surge in applications to re-home Dachshunds. Unfortunately, occasionally, we cannot provide help soon enough!! Some owners seek alternative ways of solving their little problems 😔😔

This results in quite stressful conversations with some owners. Passive aggression is often the result!! Rudeness and serious emotional blackmailing ensue. This has led to our team losing incredible volunteers.

It’s an amazing feeling for us all when we find the right fit (home) for a dog. It is a special feeling🧡🧡 BUT the daily grind and pressure at this time are affecting all of our team.

How can you help you may ask yourselves?

1. Please do not close this post without donating at least £1

If all of our followers donated £1 or £1 a month then we would not have to worry about the rising costs of vet bills or caring for IVDD survivors. Just £1 from everyone. Please. That’s all we ask. You can donate by following the link below to our menu and clicking on donate or on our Facebook page.


2. Please consider volunteering. We urgently need home checkers and sausage dog chauffeurs.

3. We need new area coordinators to join our existing team.

The team are a superb group of people who do fantastic work. However, due to the number of dogs surrendered we need additional volunteers.

4. Ask yourself if you could work with a difficult dog? Yes, you may have sleepless nights. Sometimes stressful walks. You may even get bitten😯😯 However, with our support and your dedication, you quite often end up with an amazing bond when your Dachshund adopts you!!

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

The pictures are of Vlad. A gorgeous but misunderstood boy who found himself sitting in the veterinary surgery awaiting euthanasia.

We literally saved him with 5 minutes to spare!

Please act on this post. We need your help and we need it NOW ����

Dachshunds In Crisis


Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

Dachshunds in Crisis

We are working extremely hard in unprecedented times. Many hundreds of Dachshunds are in crisis. Sadly, there are many that we as an organisation are quite often struggling to help them.

During the lockdown, it seems like the world and his wife purchased a Dachshund!!! Often demand for dachshunds became so high that puppies and adult dogs changed hands for extortionate sums of money.

Many dogs came from reputable breeders. However, eventually, demand exceeded the number of Dachshunds available. This created a perfect situation for puppy farmers to breed dogs indiscriminately, regardless of temperament and health issues that could ensue.

A bitch locked away in an outbuilding, churning out puppies, whilst undernourished and stressed does not produce the perfect puppy!

Many homes purchased Dachshunds without properly researching the breed. Many were tempted by the enormous presence of cute dachshunds in the media and also they’re being used in marketing.

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

Dachshunds are hounds! Their ancestors were hunting and killing machines. Some of these traits are hard-wired into them for generations. In consequence, a remarkable number of homes are trying to dispose of their pets through rescue charities unable to cope!!

Here are some of the reasons we as a rescue come across for people wanting to let their dachshunds go:

The belief is that a cute puppy does not need training!!! However, because there were never any boundaries put in place, that cute puppy believes they rule the home and become aggressive when it can’t have its own way!!!

The dachshunds have never been socialised, because we were not allowed to socialise during COVID, and now they are unwanted because they try to bite everyone at the pub or cafe!

#A new baby has been brought into the home. The Dachshund has been replaced by a real human baby, quite often without any preparation. Jealousy and aggression from the dachshund can be the result, as their relationships with their owners change dramatically and they are pushed to one side!!!

The work situation has changed and the dog is destructive when left alone all day!!! Insurance was not sought and now the home cannot afford the vet’s bills!!

We even had one that no longer coordinated with the home decor!!

You wouldn’t believe some of the stories!!

Sometimes, these dogs have changed hands many times and each new home adds more anxiety and exacerbates their behavioural issues.

The bottom line is that no one wants them Many unfortunately fall through the net, and the fortunate ones come to the attention of our rescue.


Our amazing hard working team of volunteers are here to help and support our adopters and fosterers.

As a charity, we realise that an adopter of dachshunds with health issues may be unable to obtain insurance for this reason we cover all pre-existing health issues.

We have a Dachshund breed-specific trainer who works with our adopters.

There is no quick fix!!!

Time, patience, and positive reward are the name of the game if you think you may be able to offer a Dachshund in crisis a home then please follow the link to our application to adopt form.

Next week look out for dachshunds in crisis part two

Pre-Existing Conditions

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Here at Dachshund Rescue, we want to give every chance at a happy future to all the dogs placed in our care. This includes dachshunds with pre-existing lifelong medical conditions that will require ongoing veterinary support and medication. Conditions range from skin allergies, eye problems, and diabetes to IVDD.

At present, we have approximately 100 dachshunds in our care whose treatment will be financed by the charity throughout the rest of their lives.

At this point, we would like to thank all those caring for our dachshunds with health issues who are in the position to be able to fund some, or all, of the veterinary costs required. Your kindness and generosity are something we value very highly🧡💛

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

Over the last 12 months, dachshunds with pre-existing conditions have resulted in bills in excess of £55,000. If we consider the numbers on our books will increase, as will veterinary bills, and each dachshund will need support for an average of 5 years, we predict a minimum of £350,000 will be needed for their best outcome and health!!!

It is only through your donations and your kindness we can do this work but we are coming to a point where we may have to make some emotionally heartbreaking and difficult decisions.

We may need to decide which dogs we can take on in the future if their health problems are too hard for us to maintain financially over possibly several years. This is something we want to avoid as it is too sad to contemplate😔😔

Bella was rehomed a couple of years ago. She has diabetes and initially, her condition was easy to medicate. However, as she has got older her condition has become more complicated.

This has resulted in fortnightly blood curve checks at a cost of £303 per test and different medications. Bella is a beautiful girl who we will always help. Her bills alone have amounted to £4,500 in the last 15 months.

Some of you will have read about our “swimmers” puppies saved from being put to sleep by 4 amazing families. To maintain their development and progress they regularly have hydrotherapy. This has amounted to £1,800 and we will continue to support their needs.

Tera is another girl with ongoing issues. She was saved from terrible conditions and over the last couple of years has been on medication to prevent infections. She also underwent serious surgery last year at a cost of £2,500. She recovered and continues to show an amazing zest for life in spite of all her issues.

These are just a few examples of how Dachshund Rescue reaches out to dachshunds in need and ensure they are given the best quality of life by helping support their health problems.
Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

We know it is a difficult time for everyone but we need your help to be able to continue helping these special dachshunds. We don’t want to be making difficult and emotional decisions and turn dachshunds in need away because of the expense their condition incurs.

Spring is known as the season of hope and this is the essence of what we strive for

Please support our work and if you can make a donation that will be used to give a dachshund the best opportunities and health care they need.

We have approximately 45,000 followers and if everyone donated £1 per month, imagine the incredible difference this would make to our work moving forward.

Donations can be made on the website. Click Here or go to the menu and simply follow the Donate heading.

Thank you for all your kindness and generosity. Your support is highly appreciated💙💙💙

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Dachshund -Finding The Right Home

Help us to help you help a dachshund

It’s a disappointing fact that around 20% of dogs that get rehomed in the UK have been rehomed before.

Once a dachshund is surrendered to us, the process of finding their new home begins.

This involves going through the applications we have received looking for the best place for each individual dachshund in relation to its particular needs.

Sounds simple right?

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

Sometimes though we receive applications that can lead to a great deal of wasted time and effort, usually because the applicants themselves are not really ready to take a rescued dog on board, or they haven’t fully understood the implications of doing so.

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

Some applications understandably come from homes with dogs and owners would love a companion for their dog. When they are informed of the characteristics of a dachshund and maybe the issues it comes with, they suddenly believe their dog wouldn’t cope and that they hadn’t considered the reality of introducing a new dog before applying!!!

Amazingly, occasionally we make a follow-up call only to find that the applicants themselves are surprised that they are actually being considered and are not ready to adopt!!!

Obviously, the key message here is if you do apply, make sure that you’re actually prepared to be successful. We know that sometimes it can take a while for a suitable dog to become available, but it can happen quite quickly too.

On other occasions, we are led to believe after speaking to potential owners that they have a genuine interest in the dachshund we have available and then they completely “disappear” from all attempts to make further contact. This is of course very frustrating and can cause a delay in finding a new home for a dog and can be distressing for the animal.

We do have situations too where the application comes from someone who hasn’t discussed it with other members of their household, which often means that when things start to move we discover a difference of opinion, again resulting in wasted effort. It’s obviously important to involve all of the family in making a decision to take on any dog before applying to do so.

Another common misconception is that it’s ok to leave a rescue dachshund alone for long periods while people go out to work etc.

This is certainly not the case. Rescue dachshunds often have separation anxiety and so cannot be left for long periods.

We also get applications from people who want a specific colour, size, and age of dachshund. You can imagine that the chances of success for an application like that are very small.

Some applicants are surprised that we ask for an adoption fee, believing they are getting a free dachshund. Obviously, we are a charity and have to recover at least some of the costs involved in rescuing and rehoming a dog. The adoption fee together with the funds we receive from kind donators, allows us to continue with our work.

Part of our challenge is to try and educate & inform anyone looking to adopt a rescued dog. We do have some helpful articles here on the site:

Dachshunds – What Are They Really Like?

Our Adoption page has information on the things you should consider BEFORE applying, and we encourage anyone considering an application to take this information on board before committing.

By highlighting in this article, some of the scenarios we come across in our work, we’re not trying to dissuade applications.

We do realise that when it comes to adopting a rescue dachshund, often people don’t know what they don’t know, and it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of potentially owning one of these special little dogs.

It is really important though that people consider the real implications of what they’re getting involved with before making an application. The last thing any dachshund lover would want is having to rehome an already rehomed dog. You can only imagine the stress that puts on the animal.

So if you are considering an application please take the time to read through the information and advice offered on this site and throughout the adoption application itself. If you’re not sure about anything or have any questions, please contact your local Dachshund Rescue coordinator. You’ll find their contact details here.

Help us to help you help a dachshund.

Dachshund Rescue Rehoming Adoption Emergency Fostering

Being a UK charity, all of our work is funded by our fundraising efforts and the generosity of donors and supporters.

Can you help?
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Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

When A Dachshund Is Surrendered…..

When a dachshund is surrendered.

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

Any surrender usually starts with one of our coordinators receiving that initial email or phone call from a distressed owner. For anyone needing to surrender their dachshund to the charity, there is a huge range of emotions involved on both the owner’s side and the coordinator’s.

Every situation is different and we have to be there to support the owners through an extremely difficult time and decision.

Many tears can be shed by all parties and we must show great patience and empathy at all times.

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

The person could be ringing because their dachshund has to be surrendered after a death in the family. Sometimes a relationship breakdown means the dachshund has to leave its home. Now with the terrible financial strains on people, we are hearing from owners who have been forced to leave their homes and are unable to keep their beloved dachshunds with them

Such heartbreaking stories occur every day and for some coordinators, there can be a few of these traumatic calls daily. We cannot help but be moved by people’s difficult situations and will do our very best to support them.

Sometimes the calls we receive involve very difficult decisions which again break our hearts. we want to give EVERY dachshund a chance but when we are asked to rehome dogs with aggressive traits and a biting history we have to be extremely careful as to whether we can do anything for that dachshund.

This happened recently when the dachshund involved faced euthanasia if we couldn’t help. You can only imagine the emotions we go through in these situations especially if the dachshund is very young.

Then there is the anger and frustration we feel when owners demand that we rehome their dachshund immediately!!!! We explain the process involved and can face rudeness and intolerance in response but must maintain our calm and empathy and remember at all times that it is the dachshund we really want to help and look after and find the right outcome for.

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

Frustration is also felt when owners haven’t thought through the huge amount of time ownership requires and just want to get rid of their dachshund. It is annoying for us when such situations could be avoided by people researching the nature of dachshunds and the hard work and commitment necessary in their development.

Other calls can involve notifications from the police, with terrible stories about dachshunds being found in appalling conditions and used for breeding that need our help. Then there are the stories of neglect that affect us deeply.

We also need to finally mention dachshunds with medical issues that come into our care when owners are facing financial difficulties.

Next week we will explain more about the steps that follow after we have the owners’ permission to place their dachshund into a new home ………..

As you can see every day in the life of our coordinators is an emotional roller coaster and we must never judge the owners or their situations. We always keep the dachshund at the heart of everything we do and have taken on a surrendered dachshund to work extremely hard to achieve a successful outcome.

A Dog Adoption Emergency

A dog adoption that saved a life.

Here is Sally’s story. A very ill dachshund puppy whose desperate owner reached out for help…

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

A few weeks ago we received a message from a lady who was troubled about the severe health issues her 11-month-old dachshund puppy was facing.

She had taken little Sally, her dachshund puppy, to the vet with breathing difficulties and had stayed overnight at the vet because she was frightened for Sally’s life.

The next morning her concerns became even greater. Sally was immediately referred to an emergency specialist veterinary hospital as her condition was rapidly deteriorating.

By the time we were contacted, the poor owner was emotionally and physically drained. The major problem was that despite having insured Sally up to this point, she had just changed her insurance policy, and during a “cooling” off period, she discovered that the insurance would not support any treatment of Sally !!! Something many of us are unaware of !!!!

Sally, by this stage, was on life support and her owner had to make a tough decision.

Sally needed scans and maybe surgery and she could not fund the costs. She reached out to Dachshund Rescue, and a very tearful conversation ensued.

She desperately wanted to save Sally’s life and with great courage, she asked that if she surrendered Sally, could we help?

We all know about loving enough to let go and despite her complete love for Sally she was prepared to surrender her to save her life.

We immediately authorised the scans to see what Sally was suffering from. It was believed Sally may have had pneumonia or fluid in her lungs.

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

Imagine the shock when the scans revealed Sally’s lungs were not where they should be!!! They revealed that Sally’s lungs had passed through a hole into her stomach due to a congenital hernia.

The little dachshund’s life was hanging in the balance and emergency surgery was required. Her owner stayed with her awaiting the outcome.

Sally showed incredible strength and came through the operation but she remained on life-support. The next few hours were going to be critical.

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

Later that evening Sally was taken off the ventilator and amazingly began to breathe on her own. She was even able to have a few spoonfuls of food. Sally’s owner stayed by her side throughout the night, ensuring she got the love and care she needed and making her feel secure.

The next morning we got the call to say Sally was doing amazingly well and her owner was in tears thanking us for all the understanding and support she had received. She was sent home by the medical staff completely exhausted having not slept for 48 hours. What incredible love for her beautiful puppy.

Sally continues to recover and we will let you know of her progress. This is a story of great love and sacrifice. Dachshund Rescue is proud to have been able to help.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing to rehome your dog, for whatever reason, feel free to reach out to your local Dachshund Rescue coordinator. We have a UK-wide team. You’ll find their contact details here

Dachshund Rescue Rehoming Adoption Emergency Fostering

We’re always on the lookout for good people. If you’d like to get involved in the work we do, check out the information on our volunteer roles here.

Being a UK charity, all of our work is funded by our fundraising efforts and the generosity of donors and supporters.

Can you help?
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