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Dachshund Rescue – a little about us…

At Dachshund Rescue, our aim is to provide loving & permanent homes for those Dachshunds whose owners, for whatever reason, can no longer keep them.

Dachshund Rescue UK

Having been in existence for over 40 years, we’re probably one of the oldest and most established rescue organisations around.

Dachshund Rescue was originally a joint venture between the Dachshund Club and the Long Haired Dachshund Club in the UK.

It was decided in 2014 to apply to the Charity Commission to become a registered charitable company, we achieved this in December 2014. 

Covering the whole of the mainland UK, our Board of Trustees oversees the direction and strategy of the organisation, and our network of volunteer Coordinators and their teams help us to manage the day-to-day work.

We successfully rehome hundreds of Dachshunds every year, our rehoming process matches the needs of the dog with our database of potential adopters who’ve shown an interest in adoption via an application on our website.

Our aim is to find a suitable new “forever home” as soon as possible.

Occasionally, in an urgent situation, when a dog needs to be moved quickly, we provide Emergency Fostering, using our network of foster homes to care for the dog until its new home has been found, or it can be returned to its original owner.

Being a UK charity, all of our work is funded by our fundraising efforts and the generosity of donators and supporters including those that leave us a legacy in their will.

All funds are used to cover some of the costs incurred by the charity in rehoming a dog. These can include; veterinary fees, spaying, medication, inoculation, addressing behavioural issues, temporary boarding fees, administration, and transport costs.

Our aim is to provide help and education for those who own or are interested in owning and caring for a Dachshund. To this end, we have established relationships with specialists in the breed including vets, behaviourists, and physiotherapists among others.

Dachshund Rescue also recently invested in sponsoring work and study with Queens Veterinary School Hospital (QVSH), at the University of Cambridge, into the treatment and effects of a common ailment, Inter Vertebral Disc Disease, IVDD, which affects around 1 in 5 of the breed.

Dachshund Rescue – What others say about us.

They have a proper adoption procedure in which they carefully analyse and match the needs of a Dachshund to the most suitable applicant.

Best Dachshund Rescue & Adoption in the UK. No. 1 – dogsoul.net

Dachshund Rescue tries to find the right home for the right dog in the U.K.

Miniature Dachshund Club

Covering the whole of the mainland UK, they have a network of volunteer Coordinators and teams dedicated to the welfare of dachshunds.

Dachshund Pet Care


As a charity, we rely upon our team of volunteers to help us successfully rehome hundreds of dachshunds every year.

Made up of people from all walks of life, our board of trustees, a nationwide team of coordinators and their helpers who assist with home checking and transport, are all people who volunteer their time, willingness, and expertise to help us achieve our goals.

We’re always on the lookout for good people who might be able to help. Could you be someone who’d be interested in joining our team?

The types of roles we have available are as follows:

Trustees – Do you have some good commercial and/or Not for Profit senior management level or fundraising experience?

We’re on the lookout for people who can bring valuable skills and experience to our board, currently, particularly in the areas of financial management & fundraising.

If you’re interested and think you can bring some valuable skills & experience to help us steer and build the organisation into a lasting legacy, contact our Chair, Lynn Hall via email lynn.h@dachshundrescue.org.uk

Coordinators – The coordinator role is key to our operations. Providing the link between those looking to rehome their dog and possible adopters. Good communication & organisational skills are required as well as the ability to understand, empathise, and work with those involved in what can sometimes be very emotional situations. Obviously, a love of and experience of dachshunds is useful, but not essential.

Interested? Contact our Chair, Lynn Hall, via email at lynn.h@dachshundrescue.org.uk to arrange an initial chat and to discuss availability etc.

Home Check & Transport – These are key supporting roles in coordinator teams.

As you might guess, rehoming a dog involves various stages including the check of a potential new home for a dog to make sure that everything is in place to help toward a successful conclusion.

Transport too is obviously key as we move dogs around the country. These roles involve working closely with our team of coordinators.

Interested & have some time to help? Find the Coordinator for your area on our Contacts page HERE and get in touch to find out more about current opportunities.

Being a UK charity, all of our work is funded by our fundraising efforts and the generosity of donors and supporters.

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