What is Daxaid?

Daxaid is about providing support and assistance to dachshund owners on a temporary basis.

Help can take many forms – exercising the dogs, supervising them in the garden, popping in for a chat, or providing a home for the dogs for a short time. The owner might perhaps be facing a short spell in hospital or a family emergency, or be incapacitated for a short time. Daxaid can help relieve the worry and stress by providing help with the dogs.

Where is it?

Throughout the United Kingdom, wherever help is needed. Daxaid is supported by the Southern Dachshund Association and Christine Furneaux is the Coordinator. Chris can be contacted on 01252 679614 or e­mail christine.furneaux@ntlworld.com

Can you make a difference?

Would you like to volunteer your help, compassion and dachshund expertise to dachshund owners in your local area who may be in need of short term support in an Emergency? Out of pocket expenses can be paid. If so, contact Chris for more details. Daxaid is NOT a rescue service, it exists to help provide support for owners and their dogs on a temporary basis.

if you can help please fill out our foster application form