If you are unable to keep your Dachshund for whatever reason we will aim to provide a loving and permanent home for your beloved pet. Please ring your local co-ordinator to discuss the situation. 

Click here to find the rescue co-ordinator for your area.

If you are looking to adopt a Rescue Dachshund, we are in the fortunate position whereby the number of people wanting a Rescue Dachshund exceeds the number coming into Rescue. We have an adoption process that enables us to carefully match the needs of the Dachshund to the most suitable applicant on our database. This may result in quite a lengthy wait for the right Dachshund to fit with the applicant. PLEASE NOTE: An application form must be completed in order for the process to begin and a coordinator cannot assist you until it is received.

Click here to complete the adoption form.

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Let people know who your emergency pet carer is. In case you need to go to hospital use our emergency pet carer form and display at home so people know who to contact.

Support Dachshund Rescue

Dachshund Rescue is an independent rescue charity for all dachshunds and is entirely dependent on donations. Please support the work of the Charity by making a donations. Please note that we receive far more applications for dachshunds than dachshunds needing rehoming.


All of our dogs now come with five weeks free pet insurance, and the opportunity to continue the cover ‐ WHATEVER THEIR AGE.


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