If you are unable to keep your Dachshund for whatever reason we will aim to provide a loving and permanent home for your beloved pet. Please ring your local co-ordinator to discuss the situation. 

We are here to help you and appreciate that handing a dog over to a rescue service is a difficult decision for you, your family and friends. If you are unsure and just want to talk it over  that's ok, rest assured we will never be critical of your reasons.

Looking to Adopt

If you are looking to adopt a Rescue Dachshund, we are in the fortunate position whereby the number of people wanting a Rescue Dachshund exceeds the number coming into Rescue. We have an adoption process that enables us to carefully match the needs of the Dachshund to the most suitable applicant on our database. This may result in quite a lengthy wait for the right Dachshund to fit with the applicant. PLEASE NOTE: An application form must be completed in order for the process to begin and a coordinator cannot assist you until it is received.

Vals Story

I had to give my Daxi up 5 years ago.

Due to the horrendous situation I was in, I had no choice.

I'd had dogs all my life and have never ever had to give one up before, so taking the steps to initiate the process was one of the hardest decisions I'd ever made.

I contacted Dachshund rescue and they were lovely.

I knew I that couldn't keep him, but he had to go to the right home before I could let him go.

They phoned to say they had a lady who would like him and so we arranged to meet.

We were so lucky as she turned out to be perfect. She lived on her own and was retired with the  bonus that she lived in a lovely area with trees and parks.

As soon as we met, I knew that  my boy would be happy.

I keep in touch and ring or visit every year to check that all is well. He's the most loved and spoilt Daxi going.

We realise how lucky we were that it turned out so well and I will always be grateful that he's loved and happy.

Hopefully I will never have to do it again.

However careful and considered your actions are, putting a little soul who you love and who has always given you unconditional love, into an unknown situation is just awful.

Even though it had a happy ending I found it hard to really forgive yourself.

Thank goodness for organisations like Dachshund Rescue they are brilliant and I would highly recommend them.