Thank You for your interest in looking to adopt a dachshund. It’s thanks to people like you that we can successfully rehome hundreds of dachshunds every year.



Before you apply, make sure that you’ve researched the breed. This is important so that you can be happy that a dachshund is suited to you and your family before you adopt. (Remember to discuss it with your partner & family. Taking on a dog is a big responsibility. It’s potentially life-changing for everyone at your home)

Every dog breed has certain behavioural characteristics & traits. This is especially true for rescue dogs.

So, if you haven’t already, check out the information in our About Dachshunds section. Additionally, have a look at the website of our friends at Dachshund Health UK, where you’ll find a whole host of help and information to help you decide.


Our adoption process involves matching the needs of the dog with the environment in the adoption home. There are some basic criteria that you’ll need to meet in order to adopt a dachshund. These are:

  • A private, secure garden is a must. Communal gardens are not suitable.
  • We are unable to rehome a dachshund into a home where there are children under the age of 10.
  • No homes in which everybody is in full-time employment or education
  • We will not place a dachshund into a home that will need to use daycare regularly.
  • You will not be able to adopt a dachshund if you’re under the age of 21.

So hopefully you meet these basic conditions and are still with us?

Good. Now there are also some key things that you’ll need to understand, again before you consider applying to adopt a dachshund.


Dachshunds come into our care for a variety of reasons. For example:

  • Divorce
  • Bereavement
  • Illness
  • A change in family circumstances
  • Behavioural Issues

As a result, many of the dachshunds that come into our care can display challenging behaviours.

They can be traumatised, anxious, and very insecure.
As an adopter, you will need to be prepared to work on rehabilitating the dog, along with our continued support of course.

Separation Anxiety is common, so they can’t be left alone for long periods or they can become destructive. They need someone who can be around most of the time and can spend time working on their anxiety

We will allow dogs to be adopted into a home with older children if the dog is used to living in a family environment.

Dachshunds are notoriously difficult to toilet train, hence the need for a garden.

Cats & Other Pets
We don’t have the facilities to cat test, so we can only rehome a Dachshund with a cat if it has previously lived with one. Your cat may be fine around dogs but the Dachshund will not be good around your cat. The same is true for other types of pets.

You will need to be patient. Although we do rehome hundreds of Dachshunds every year, there are more potential adopters than there are dogs available.
It can happen that a suitable dog could become available quickly, but it would be unusual. So the chances are you will need to wait.


If you’re not sure or have questions, please contact our coordinator for your area. You’ll find all of their details on our Contacts page.

But if you’re happy that a rescued Dachshund is right for you and your family (remember to discuss it with them before you decide), and you can meet all of the conditions mentioned above, go ahead and complete the application form below.

Please Note: We consider all applications received, and you’ll receive both an email and SMS to confirm we have your application. However, if you do apply and you can’t meet the above conditions, your application will be rejected.


Your details will be passed directly to the coordinator for your area who will only contact you when and if a dog becomes available who might be a good fit for your home/family/lifestyle.


When we find a dog that we think is the right one for you, as part of the adoption process, our coordinator will arrange to carry out a Home Check with you, just to confirm that everything is as expected.


Once everything has been checked and everybody is happy, as you would expect, an Adoption Fee is payable before the dog finally comes to its new forever home. Our coordinator will discuss that with you as part of the process.

We charge a fee to cover some of the costs incurred by the charity in rehoming a dog. These can include; veterinary fees, spaying, medication, inoculation, addressing behavioural issues, temporary boarding fees, administration, and transport costs

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact your local coordinator. You’ll find their contact details here.

We will keep your application on file for 12 months. Do let us know if your circumstances change in that time

Check out our Privacy Policy for details on how we’ll manage your data.