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Dachshunds in Crisis

We are working extremely hard in unprecedented times. Many hundreds of Dachshunds are in crisis. Sadly, there are many that we as an organisation are quite often struggling to help them.

During the lockdown, it seems like the world and his wife purchased a Dachshund!!! Often demand for dachshunds became so high that puppies and adult dogs changed hands for extortionate sums of money.

Many dogs came from reputable breeders. However, eventually, demand exceeded the number of Dachshunds available. This created a perfect situation for puppy farmers to breed dogs indiscriminately, regardless of temperament and health issues that could ensue.

A bitch locked away in an outbuilding, churning out puppies, whilst undernourished and stressed does not produce the perfect puppy!

Many homes purchased Dachshunds without properly researching the breed. Many were tempted by the enormous presence of cute dachshunds in the media and also they’re being used in marketing.

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

Dachshunds are hounds! Their ancestors were hunting and killing machines. Some of these traits are hard-wired into them for generations. In consequence, a remarkable number of homes are trying to dispose of their pets through rescue charities unable to cope!!

Here are some of the reasons we as a rescue come across for people wanting to let their dachshunds go:

The belief is that a cute puppy does not need training!!! However, because there were never any boundaries put in place, that cute puppy believes they rule the home and become aggressive when it can’t have its own way!!!

The dachshunds have never been socialised, because we were not allowed to socialise during COVID, and now they are unwanted because they try to bite everyone at the pub or cafe!

#A new baby has been brought into the home. The Dachshund has been replaced by a real human baby, quite often without any preparation. Jealousy and aggression from the dachshund can be the result, as their relationships with their owners change dramatically and they are pushed to one side!!!

The work situation has changed and the dog is destructive when left alone all day!!! Insurance was not sought and now the home cannot afford the vet’s bills!!

We even had one that no longer coordinated with the home decor!!

You wouldn’t believe some of the stories!!

Sometimes, these dogs have changed hands many times and each new home adds more anxiety and exacerbates their behavioural issues.

The bottom line is that no one wants them Many unfortunately fall through the net, and the fortunate ones come to the attention of our rescue.


Our amazing hard working team of volunteers are here to help and support our adopters and fosterers.

As a charity, we realise that an adopter of dachshunds with health issues may be unable to obtain insurance for this reason we cover all pre-existing health issues.

We have a Dachshund breed-specific trainer who works with our adopters.

There is no quick fix!!!

Time, patience, and positive reward are the name of the game if you think you may be able to offer a Dachshund in crisis a home then please follow the link to our application to adopt form.

Next week look out for dachshunds in crisis part two

Claire who represents the Yorkshire area matched us with our first Daschund and made the whole process so smooth and professional. Our Reggie is an amazing little boy who is making himself at home well and truly! We’re so grateful to Claire for her ongoing advice and guidance she’s amazing! ❤️🐶
Michaela Gordon Avatar
Michaela Gordon
I took in my little Albie 10 days ago. At five months old all he needed was a little love and attention. He thrives in every situation and I’m so proud at how well he is doing. Being described as not trained at all, he is pretty much trained in all aspects already. From the scared little boy in the crate, he is a confident fun loving companion. My coordinator was Linda who was super helpful and I couldn’t be more grateful 💕
Jessica Davison Avatar
Jessica Davison
Great communication, Sue was very friendly and helpful. Glad we got to meet Rolo and give him a loving home.
Shane Morris Avatar
Shane Morris