1st July 2020: Finley's Story

🐶🌈 Finnley was a very difficult Dachshund to rehome but our adopter Shan has given him the most wonderful home 🙏🏼. Shan tells her story:

I was initially going to re-home a 2 year old wire-haired Dachshund named Darcy, but her owners changed their minds. They decided to keep her and work hard to help her through her issues. Then fate intervened because a miniature Dachshund called Finnley was in trouble and was already in kennels having been re-homed three times with no success as he had a history of biting and had aggression issues. This meant that it was going to be difficult to find him a forever home. Had it not been for Darcy I may not have met Dorothy Allam the Co-ordinator from Dachshund Rescue (Hereford).
I am convinced that dear Darcy played a part in bringing this about. It was as if the powers that be ‘above’ were saying “Shan, is being saved for Finnley” Thank you too for Sue Kray who bought Finnley all the way from Torquay to J9 just outside of Bristol to meet me so that I could take him to my home in South Wales. Thank goodness this was done before the lockdown took place.
I am so pleased to say that Finnley and I have bonded in the most amazing way. He has not attempted to bite me and each night he sleeps snuggled up to me under my duvet. It has taken three weeks but he is now almost house trained with just a few accidents. He loves his walks. I don’t think he was ever given the opportunity to be taken out due to his aggression towards other dogs and people. He is a food bandit and I am aware not to spoil him too much on that score, yet I think he needs fattening up in a sensible way.
I am looking at 6 months ahead for his training so that he will be able to adapt to his environment and different challenges that he will come up against. In the meantime I am working on his barking and I am giving him support with regards to accept lead control🐾
Finnley now accepts cyclists and does not bark at them and he doesn’t mind ladies with babies in prams either. He knows what horses and cows are. He tries to get to them but does not bark. The only issue I still have to work hard on is his attitude and aggression towards other dogs but I am confident this will come in time. He does not know it yet but he will be going to dog classes when this present nightmare of social restriction has ended. 🌈

My life has changed too. I have dealt with a lot of dogs, re-homing and rescuing street dogs when I lived in Portugal for 10 years. Sadly, due to work commitments, I have not had a dog for nearly 9 years. I know I can nurture Finnley and we will have a wonderful life together. He is my mate and I am his mate. Finnley and I very much appreciate all the help given so that he could have his forever home with me, his new mummy.

27 June at 09:00: So, the final part of the story is told by myself and features Joey 🐶
There were many tears shed in my house when Jack went to his new home in December 2019. Both puppies had lived with me and my pack for many months and we were so attached to them both. They had slotted in amazingly well and my dogs loved them as if they had always been there. ❤️
However from 17th December Jack was no longer living with us and Joey was without his brother. I was worried about how he may react 😢. But, Joey had a couple of days when he stuck to me like glue and was a bit unhappy. Then, he got up one day and it was as if he thought, ok so Jacks gone I am going to get on with enjoying my life with my lovely family 😊
Joey then attached himself to Daisy who is my rescue , a red mini smooth aged 2. Daisy’s story has been featured previously and she has a very difficult background and is wary of people. Lottie seemed to want to take care of Joey as he didn’t have his brother and she kept an eye on him and was protective out on walks. Dogs are just amazing and she was trying to teach him how to behave around other dogs to ensure his safety. It was wonderful to watch and see the difference that it made. 😍
Daisy loves to race about and play so Joey was in his element as he was only a puppy still! They quickly became firm friends and in a way Daisy took Jack’s place. Joey settled into my pack and a little structure formed where Lottie was the matriarch of the pack, my elderly Welsh Springer the carer who sussed out all the big dogs on walks before they were allowed to see the Dachshunds and Daisy the playmate to Joey . All this happened pretty quickly and each dog knew where they stood in the pack 🐶🐶🐶🐶
🎄Christmas was just around the corner and I wondered how many times Joey would take the tree down 😂 and how he would cope with all the excitement and family round over Christmas. Well, I needn’t have worried! He never touched the tree just had a sniff and then that was it! He thoroughly enjoyed Christmas time and took great delight in assisting the present opening! The whole season was a wonderful experience for him and he was excited but very well behaved.
🐶Joey has the most gentle, kind nature and is very easy going. I took him to training classes as well as carrying out training at home. He was very receptive to the training and just loved learning something new. He was a model student! At the time I was also instructing at some training classes and I used Joey to demonstrate exercises in other classes which was brilliant considering his age.
Throughout this time I was searching for the perfect home for Joey. Despite having some fantastic applicants on my books I found myself not able to commit to Joey moving home. 🏡
Then one day I realised why. Joey was in his forever home already! Why would I move him now? He loves living with me and my dogs love him too. ❤️. He is settled in his routine and is a great addition to my little family. So, Joey is here to stay!! 🎉
He is now a year old and is going through a little bit of a stubborn phase as all teenage dogs do but he just wants to please at the end of the day. Lottie also keeps him in order if he gets too boisterous or misbehaves 😂. This makes my job easier and again is wonderful to witness.

From the moment I picked both dogs up I had an attachment to Joey I can’t explain why but it certainly was meant to be

26th June 2020: Following on from yesterday’s post here is Jack’s story told by his new owner 🐾

🤔I had been thinking about adding to my pack. I have Maggie who is a 9 year old standard long haired dachshund; Marmite, who is a 2 year old a long haired mini dachshund and Mersey-Mia who is a 1 year old long haired mini dachshund. Initially I was planning to get another long haired mini dachshund from a breeder, but then decided, “No, I am sure there are many dachshunds out there which need a good home”. I did not want an older dog as I had lost my first boy Max in May 2019 and did not want the heart break again. So, I started my search and it was by chance that I saw Jack and Joey on Dachshund Rescue Facebook page.🐶🐶

Jack came to me on December 17th after a few hiccups. He was in fact due to come a little earlier but the little monkey decided he wanted an adventure first and whilst on his adventure he broke his foot. To begin with Jack needed to have crate rest for 4 weeks and his bandage replaced a lot. Even so, he blended in quite easily into our home but my three girls could not understand why he was not allowed to play with them and why he had to be carried everywhere. Then we got the ‘all clear’ from the vets and life changed for them all.Jack did not want his crate anymore as he wanted to be included in the pack.

Jack has worked things out beautifully for himself. He plays a lot with Mersey- Mia but enjoys a snuggle up to Marmite and Maggie. Maggie is the one he goes to when he wants some peace and quiet. Jack became part of our family overnight and is such a snugly, kissy loving pup. I sometimes forget he is still not a year old as he certainly is not a mini - more of an inbetweener!( His first birthday was yesterday!)🐾🎂

I walk Jack mainly by himself and although his recall is pretty good I keep him on an 8m lead when we are in the fields as he has bolted in the past. He loves his walks and at the weekends he walks with the girls which he enjoys.
Jack’s birthday is 25th June, which was my dad’s birthday whom I Iost in 2016, so it just goes to show that Jack was meant to be part of our family. “Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them”. (Thomas Jones)

I was so impressed by the whole of the adoption process also the time and care that the Co Ordinators have for the dogs that are surrendered to Rescue that I now make a monthly donation to Dachshund Rescue to hopefully help other dachshunds who are not so lucky as Jack or Joey. For anyone out there looking for a dachshund I could not recommend Dachshund Rescue highly enough.

24th June 2020

Dachshund Rescue would like to say that at the time of finding Jack and Joey the police were contacted and at no time were we advised that they had been stolen or reported missing. As you will see over the next couple of days both puppies are now in their forever homes but thankyou so much for all the wonderful offers of homes. Please continue to follow their lovely story

Over the next few days Dachshund Rescue have a special story about two little Dachshund puppies who were abandoned in Manchester outside a pub. We named them Jack and Joey. Today's part of the story is told by myself.

I collected Jack and Joey from Manchester on 31/7/2019 following a phone call to Dachshund Rescue from a very kind lady who had found the pups in a cardboard box outside a pub . They were very wet and sorry for themselves. They both had large inguinal hernias, were full of worms in their pot bellies and had clearly not received proper nutrition or care. I guessed they were about 7 weeks old although their development was behind that of a normal pup that age. Their balance and walking was not very good and I presumed that they had spent most of their lives in a crate which had hindered their development.

Despite all of their issues they were both the most grateful little puppies when I got home with them and placed them in a lovely bed with a soft fleece , warmed them up, gave them good quality food and lots of love.❤ They were both starving hungry and were so for a couple of weeks whilst they had medication to get rid of their huge worm burden which was making them feel quite poorly. Apart from the hernia, worm burden, and poor nutrition the vet said they had no other health issues.🙂
Until they had their second vaccination I barrier nursed them which meant keeping them separate from my other dogs, lots of disinfecting of their pen and changing my clothes after having contact with them. I also had to ensure that no other health issues came out over the next month. It was a lot of hard work but worth it for what were turning out to be very happy, sociable, trusting pups.
Every day I took them in my garden to toilet train and also to help them achieve better balance and co ordination. I would walk round my garden for short periods of time several times a day and they would follow me which meant they were getting stronger and improving their walking.🌼 I then progressed to uneven ground and then to hilly areas. They did amazingly well with lots of encouragement and the change in only a week was amazing and so rewarding to see.
Once their vaccinations had been done and they were given the all clear I let my Dachshunds and Welsh Springer go into the room with Jack and Joey whilst they were in their pen to get them all used to each other. They were all clearly very excited to see each other. After a few days I let them all mix and it was lovely. They were all so happy and got on immediately. My dogs were thrilled to eventually see the little puppies that they had heard having fun in another room but hadn’t been able to see.🐕
My Dachshund Lottie proved to be a wonderful mum to them and took them under her wing. She gave them love, taught them how to play with other dogs and also told them off if they were misbehaving! Daisy my rescue Dachshund bonded with them both immediately and was a wonderful Aunt and playmate. The three of them spent many hours over the next months playing and racing around the garden.🎉

✏Check in tomorrow to read about the next stage in Jack and Joey's journey

17th June 2020: A very special little Dachshund is featured in today’s story and also his very special adopters 😊🙏🏼

Basil’s Story......from Basil himself with a post script from his new owner.

🐶 “My name is Basil. I have had two other homes, before joining my present owner Tim. I had developed a back problem and I’m not able to walk very far or very well which meant that I needed a very special home. For a little while my name was changed to Percy, but I didn’t respond to that very well so my new owner very kindly has given me back my original name.
At the moment I have to have lots of rest to try and help me get better, but I don’t mind because I think that is good and I get to have lots and lots of cuddles. Very slowly I seem to be improving and so we are all hoping that I won’t need an operation.

I am so looking forward to getting really well again and then hopefully I can run and play with my sisters, who are both 11 years old. Like me they were both rescued from an animal sanctuary but not from Dachshund Rescue. They too have had a very hard life and were going to be put down as it was thought they were not suitable to be re-homed. Well, that was wrong because we are all here and happy and it’s a challenge to see who can sit on our ‘parents’ laps first. My sisters have been teaching me that things are really OK here and how to subtly take charge – especially of our parents (hee, hee) 😂
I would like to thank everyone at Dachshund Rescue for helping me for now I feel I’m in my ‘forever home’🙏🏼
Post Script from Basil’s New Owner.📝
Basil is doing fantastically well and the vet was very pleased with him at his recent check up. He no longer needs strong pain killers. He can now have short gentle walks, 5 minutes at a time. He is walking well, so fingers crossed. I think I can say that he has got his paws well and truly under the table. 🐾

“Opening up your life to a dog who needs a home is one of the most fulfilling things you can do” (Emma Kenny)

12th June 2020

😍Meet Barnie and Snookie whom we have in foster under Daxaid which is part of Dachshund Rescue. They have been in foster for several months as their owner is in a difficult situation 🌈.

Our fosterer is loving caring for this gorgeous pair! However whilst in our care they both needed dentals and trimming. As restrictions have changed we have now been able to make these little dogs more comfortable by getting their treatments carried out. We will continue to attend to and cover the cost of any procedures they need whilst in our care.

Dachshund Rescue and Daxaid would like to thank all of our fabulous fosterers 🌈

Screenshot 2020-06-14 at 22.59.47
10th June 2019

Who remembers the gorgeous Diego who had heart surgery in December last year? Here is an update sent to us by Diego’s new owners

I thought I would give you an update on little Diego. Some of you might remember that Diego needed life saving heart surgery back in December. He needed a safe quite home to recover and we were so smitten by the picture Sue put on the site that we couldn’t resist but to offer our help. Five months later we are so lucky to be the proud owners of this brave, kind loveable sausage dog.

Screenshot 2020-06-11 at 19.38.40

It hasn’t been easy for him and at times for us, from treating his wounds to making sure he has his heart medication on time every day and the trips to the vets. However, with the support from Sue and the charity little Diego is fit and well, we have to thank them for this. He was due to have his last scan on his heart on the 23rd April but that was cancelled due to COVID 19. We are confident that he doesn’t need to be medicated for the rest of his life as you can see by the pictures. Another date will be set as soon as we can take him.

I am sure like most of you dog owner’s the only thing that we are going to have a problem with, is when we have to leave them .One thing for sure, when we can get together again for the walks Diego will be in the front LOL x

8th June 2020

Happy Belated Birthday to Monty and Molly who were adopted in February this year. 🎈

They were 11years old on 20th May and their lovely new owner made them a wonderful Birthday cake!

Screenshot 2020-06-11 at 19.43.20
5th June 2020: 💤Let sleeping dogs lie 🐶

😯Did you know that dogs have a startle reflex?😯

This means that a dog can bite as a reflex action from being startled.

Bites to children often occur when a dog has been startled awake.
Some children may run up to hug a sleeping dog or accidentally step on a dogs tail causing them to startle awake.

Waking a dog up can cause the dog to startle and be confused.

If a dog does bite through this startle reflex, the dog is not thinking in that moment in time. It is a jerk response reaction.

Its important to teach our children to let sleeping dogs lie.
If you need to wake a sleeping dog up, firstly, it should only be an adults job.
Secondly, try and make your presence aware.
This may be walking towards them with heavier footsteps, talking loudly, clapping your hands to try to get them to wake up.
You should never shake a dog to wake up.


20th November 2019: Our happy ever after story this week is written by Carolyn about Rupert!

A late afternoon in June an extra ray of sunshine 4pawed his way into my home. For several months I had been toying with the idea of getting a “friend” for my little 3year old dachshund Flora and with the valued help and support of Sue from Dachshund Rescue I found Rupert...or did he find me?

He is an 8 year old red mini long that endeared himself to Flora from the word go. We have only had one small ‘spat’ when on the second day she decided to put her head in his dinner bowl – perhaps not the most sensible thing to do - but now, a few weeks down the line he allows her to do that... providing he has finished his meal first!


He is the most affectionate little dog who loves his toys. He has taken control of the toy box with the exception of Flora’s favourite, a white lamb and where he is concerned that is definitely off limits.

Sadly Rupert needed a lot of dental work which resulted in him losing all his teeth. However, I need not have worried for he is coping well with his kibble soaked and apparently his gums will harden as they heal. His ears were in need of attention too but 8 weeks down the line he is now all sorted.

We have a little way to go with his nervousness when meeting strangers and coping with new experiences; his pet hate is dogs which come bounding up to him! He likes the courtesy of a gentle introduction and then the tail wags and friends are made.

And so Dachshund lovers I leave you with a beautiful quote from Queen Victoria who said....”Nothing will turn a man’s home into a castle more quickly and effectively than a dachshund”... I bet I am not the only person out there in a 3 bed, semi detached castle...

Love from Rupert, Flora, his custodian Carolyn and all of us at Dachshund Rescue.