Dachshunds In Crisis Part 2

A smooth-haired dachshund on a lead in the park

Dachshund Rescue In Crisis

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Help a Dachshund in Crisis

Following on from last week’s post our team would like to make an urgent appeal to our lovely dedicated followers;

We are literally on our knees. We are struggling to help. We can’t help all of the Dachshunds that come our way😔

We are struggling to support all of the Dachshunds surrendered to us with special medical issues because their owners cannot afford expensive referrals or even routine veterinary treatments😔

We, as a team of volunteers, are emotionally exhausted. We all have jobs, husbands, and families, plus our own sausages, to look after. Still, our rescue phones do not stop ringing. The emails keep coming. It is constant. It is, at present, a full-time commitment. Sadly, this has had a direct effect on the well-being of some of our coordinators.

We are all personally affected by the surge in applications to re-home Dachshunds. Unfortunately, occasionally, we cannot provide help soon enough!! Some owners seek alternative ways of solving their little problems 😔😔

This results in quite stressful conversations with some owners. Passive aggression is often the result!! Rudeness and serious emotional blackmailing ensue. This has led to our team losing incredible volunteers.

It’s an amazing feeling for us all when we find the right fit (home) for a dog. It is a special feeling🧡🧡 BUT the daily grind and pressure at this time are affecting all of our team.

How can you help you may ask yourselves?

1. Please do not close this post without donating at least £1

If all of our followers donated £1 or £1 a month then we would not have to worry about the rising costs of vet bills or caring for IVDD survivors. Just £1 from everyone. Please. That’s all we ask. You can donate by following the link below to our menu and clicking on donate or on our Facebook page.


2. Please consider volunteering. We urgently need home checkers and sausage dog chauffeurs.

3. We need new area coordinators to join our existing team.

The team are a superb group of people who do fantastic work. However, due to the number of dogs surrendered we need additional volunteers.

4. Ask yourself if you could work with a difficult dog? Yes, you may have sleepless nights. Sometimes stressful walks. You may even get bitten😯😯 However, with our support and your dedication, you quite often end up with an amazing bond when your Dachshund adopts you!!

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

The pictures are of Vlad. A gorgeous but misunderstood boy who found himself sitting in the veterinary surgery awaiting euthanasia.

We literally saved him with 5 minutes to spare!

Please act on this post. We need your help and we need it NOW ����