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Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Here at Dachshund Rescue, we want to give every chance at a happy future to all the dogs placed in our care. This includes dachshunds with pre-existing lifelong medical conditions that will require ongoing veterinary support and medication. Conditions range from skin allergies, eye problems, and diabetes to IVDD.

At present, we have approximately 100 dachshunds in our care whose treatment will be financed by the charity throughout the rest of their lives.

At this point, we would like to thank all those caring for our dachshunds with health issues who are in the position to be able to fund some, or all, of the veterinary costs required. Your kindness and generosity are something we value very highly🧡💛

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Over the last 12 months, dachshunds with pre-existing conditions have resulted in bills in excess of £55,000. If we consider the numbers on our books will increase, as will veterinary bills, and each dachshund will need support for an average of 5 years, we predict a minimum of £350,000 will be needed for their best outcome and health!!!

It is only through your donations and your kindness we can do this work but we are coming to a point where we may have to make some emotionally heartbreaking and difficult decisions.

We may need to decide which dogs we can take on in the future if their health problems are too hard for us to maintain financially over possibly several years. This is something we want to avoid as it is too sad to contemplate😔😔

Bella was rehomed a couple of years ago. She has diabetes and initially, her condition was easy to medicate. However, as she has got older her condition has become more complicated.

This has resulted in fortnightly blood curve checks at a cost of £303 per test and different medications. Bella is a beautiful girl who we will always help. Her bills alone have amounted to £4,500 in the last 15 months.

Some of you will have read about our “swimmers” puppies saved from being put to sleep by 4 amazing families. To maintain their development and progress they regularly have hydrotherapy. This has amounted to £1,800 and we will continue to support their needs.

Tera is another girl with ongoing issues. She was saved from terrible conditions and over the last couple of years has been on medication to prevent infections. She also underwent serious surgery last year at a cost of £2,500. She recovered and continues to show an amazing zest for life in spite of all her issues.

These are just a few examples of how Dachshund Rescue reaches out to dachshunds in need and ensure they are given the best quality of life by helping support their health problems.
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We know it is a difficult time for everyone but we need your help to be able to continue helping these special dachshunds. We don’t want to be making difficult and emotional decisions and turn dachshunds in need away because of the expense their condition incurs.

Spring is known as the season of hope and this is the essence of what we strive for

Please support our work and if you can make a donation that will be used to give a dachshund the best opportunities and health care they need.

We have approximately 45,000 followers and if everyone donated £1 per month, imagine the incredible difference this would make to our work moving forward.

Donations can be made on the website. Click Here or go to the menu and simply follow the Donate heading.

Thank you for all your kindness and generosity. Your support is highly appreciated💙💙💙

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

Claire who represents the Yorkshire area matched us with our first Daschund and made the whole process so smooth and professional. Our Reggie is an amazing little boy who is making himself at home well and truly! We’re so grateful to Claire for her ongoing advice and guidance she’s amazing! ❤️🐶
Michaela Gordon Avatar
Michaela Gordon
I took in my little Albie 10 days ago. At five months old all he needed was a little love and attention. He thrives in every situation and I’m so proud at how well he is doing. Being described as not trained at all, he is pretty much trained in all aspects already. From the scared little boy in the crate, he is a confident fun loving companion. My coordinator was Linda who was super helpful and I couldn’t be more grateful 💕
Jessica Davison Avatar
Jessica Davison
Great communication, Sue was very friendly and helpful. Glad we got to meet Rolo and give him a loving home.
Shane Morris Avatar
Shane Morris