Rehoming the rehomed at Dachshund Rescue HQ. Dexter’s story.

Dexter is the latest dachshund to have been helped and supported by Dachshund Rescue UK at our new HQ facility.

Rehoming the rehomed is not an unusual situation for us. In this case, Dexter had been rehomed by us, 2 years ago at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, and recently came back into our care when issues were developing in the relationship with his owners!!

He had started biting and being aggressive, especially toward the male member of the family.

He was placed in emergency foster care, but within 24 hours had bitten the fosterer twice. The unpredictability of his response meant he would need to be moved again. It would have been too difficult to find another foster placement with his history.

The decision was made to bring him to our new on-site facility at Dachshund Rescue HQ, for a full assessment.

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It was immediately obvious that Dexter had very pronounced muscle definition around his hips and back legs. He was trying to get around by “bunny hopping” and would lift his right leg at certain moments.

We were very concerned, so within 24 hours he was booked to see an orthopaedic vet for a full health check.

Initial findings recognised that Dexter was in pain and this was the reason for his biting. It was also found that he had sensitive spots along his back which made him “wince” in pain.

Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

It was necessary for Dexter to return to the vet the next day for scans and x-rays under sedation

The results showed hip dysplasia and suggested that his muscles had developed as he had been compensating for his movement. He was put on strong pain relief medication.

Dexter will have to undergo some intense physiotherapy. This will be organised at Dachshund Rescue Headquarters. There will be a team involved who are committed to helping him overcome his diagnosis.

It is very early days and future surgery cannot be ruled out. He will be monitored very carefully and of course, we’ll support him through every step.

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Dexter’s story is an excellent example of how the investment in our new headquarters facility supports our work with dachshunds to help our charity move forward.

We provide UK-wide support for Adopting, Rehoming and Fostering via our network of regional coordinators.

You’ll find their contact details and the nearest to you here.

Being a UK charity, all of our work is funded by our fundraising efforts and the generosity of donors and supporters.

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Rehoming | Adoption | Emergency Fostering

Claire who represents the Yorkshire area matched us with our first Daschund and made the whole process so smooth and professional. Our Reggie is an amazing little boy who is making himself at home well and truly! We’re so grateful to Claire for her ongoing advice and guidance she’s amazing! ❤️🐶
Michaela Gordon Avatar
Michaela Gordon
I took in my little Albie 10 days ago. At five months old all he needed was a little love and attention. He thrives in every situation and I’m so proud at how well he is doing. Being described as not trained at all, he is pretty much trained in all aspects already. From the scared little boy in the crate, he is a confident fun loving companion. My coordinator was Linda who was super helpful and I couldn’t be more grateful 💕
Jessica Davison Avatar
Jessica Davison
Great communication, Sue was very friendly and helpful. Glad we got to meet Rolo and give him a loving home.
Shane Morris Avatar
Shane Morris