Surrender Dachshund Kevin

Surrender Dachshund Kevin

Surrender Dachshund Kevin’s Story Today we are looking at the story behind the surrender of a dachshund, Kevin. Recognising the heartache and difficulty behind making such a sad decision is essential. No one goes into dog ownership with anything but the best...
Surrendering Your Dog

Surrendering Your Dog

Surrendering your dog – Cello & Florences’ Story Surrendering a beloved pet is hard for any caring owner, even more so when you have a pair of beautiful, brother & sister, dachshunds. Cello and Florence were surrendered to Dachshund Rescue earlier...
Rehoming a Dog – Franks Story

Rehoming a Dog – Franks Story

This is the sad story of Frank and how we found ourselves rehoming a dog who’d already been rehomed. Frank came into the care of Dachshund Rescue a year ago due to some very upsetting family circumstances after his owner sadly passed away. Her daughter could not...

Claire who represents the Yorkshire area matched us with our first Daschund and made the whole process so smooth and professional. Our Reggie is an amazing little boy who is making himself at home well and truly! We’re so grateful to Claire for her ongoing advice and guidance she’s amazing! ❤️🐶
Michaela Gordon Avatar
Michaela Gordon
I took in my little Albie 10 days ago. At five months old all he needed was a little love and attention. He thrives in every situation and I’m so proud at how well he is doing. Being described as not trained at all, he is pretty much trained in all aspects already. From the scared little boy in the crate, he is a confident fun loving companion. My coordinator was Linda who was super helpful and I couldn’t be more grateful 💕
Jessica Davison Avatar
Jessica Davison
Great communication, Sue was very friendly and helpful. Glad we got to meet Rolo and give him a loving home.
Shane Morris Avatar
Shane Morris